Concrete Countertops in Galleria Area / Houston, TX Concrete Countertops in Houston TX

Concrete Countertops in Galleria/Houston Texas are growing in popularity. The savvy homeowner is tired of the same old choices of granite, tile, and engineered quartz. In Galleria/Houston, TX, concrete countertops offer new options of color, shapes, size, and design. Galleria/Houston Concrete countertops are created for so many applications and original design elements; the options are limitless. If your countertop options for your house or establishment in Galleria/Houston only include granite, tile, quartz, or Corian, your options are limited and your designs can be stunted. Concrete countertops can be the solution to create the countertops that match your style.

Galleria concrete countertops by Spirit Ridge Studios are at the forefront of design and sophistication. Spirit Ridge concrete countertops focus on design and excellent craftsmanship to cast high-end concrete countertops in a plethora of colors, shapes, thicknesses, and embellishments. Our Galleria/Houston, TX casting yard for concrete countertops was started in 1928 and is now run in Galleria/Houston, Texas by Steven Dvorak, the founder’s grandson.

At Spirit Ridge Studios, we design and construct custom concrete countertops, sinks, fireplace surrounds and furniture to meet your needs and style for your Galleria Area installation. We are a full service Commercial and Residential Texas Concrete Contractor located in Galleria. We offer creative concrete designs through integral color and unique implementation. Spirit ridge Studios of Galleria/Houston, TX is at the forefront of concrete design and fabrication. The focus is to provide you with timeless, artistic, beautifully crafted concrete countertops and other concrete installations. When you want exquisite concrete countertops in Galleria/Houston, TX, look to Spirit Ridge Studios.

Enhance the value of your Galleria area home by trading your existing concrete floors and countertops today with beautifully stained concrete countertops and concrete stained floors. You’ll enjoy the beauty, durability, and sophistication of concrete countertops and floors in your Galleria area home from the moment you set eyes on them. Our concrete fabricators can create breathtaking concrete countertops and other concrete creations for your Galleria area home or establishment. We seek the unique project. Spirit Ridge Studios of Houston, TX specializes in the professional design and installation of decorative concrete products.

Concrete counter tops offer options no other countertop can provide: an open palette for design in any form. Since your concrete countertops are poured for your Galleria/Houston area home, the artistic palette is open for so many more options than Corian or Granite Countertops. Granite countertops and Corian countertops installed in Galleria/Houston, TX are limited by shape and size. Granite countertops are all one thickness, while concrete countertops can be poured to any thickness desired.

Concrete countertops in Galleria/Houston TX can be poured with a seamless sink included. Now any shape or size sink can be seamlessly integrated into your concrete countertops with the same durability and integrity as your concrete countertop. Seamless concrete sinks offer a touch of regality to your everyday kitchen and a dash of sophistication to your bathroom.

We are a decorative concrete company, ready to move beyond the plain old boring Granite and Corian countertops and into a myriad of beautiful concrete possibilities. Concrete countertops allow us to develop and customize colors and shapes in varied installations to give your Galleria area home a truly unique accent. We specialize in casting high-end, custom-made concrete countertops for you Galleria area indoor and outdoor kitchens, bathrooms, tables, bars, and anywhere else you may want it. Concrete countertops in Galleria/Houston, TX have never looked so good.