About Spirit Ridge

Mara Hermann Mara Hermann

Mara Heisler Herrmann is a Houston Native. Having spent many years as a realtor, she has a ton of knowledge regarding contracts and negotiation as well as home remodels and nuances in the market that provide for quick home sales. Having practiced house flipping and remodels for over 10 years, she has the contacts and resources to complete just about any project. In 2014, she took over as 1/3 owner of Spirit Ridge Studios. Having learned much of the design process and color and chemical breakdowns from her step father, Steve Dvorak (Spirit Ridge's creator) , she has the skills necessary to guide clients through the design and fabrication stages of creative remodels. Communication and prompt replies are some of her strongest traits.
Andy Hermann Andy Hermann

Andy Herrmann has been in the construction business for over 15 years. With tons of commercial building and service experience, his know-how is valuable on any job site. He has 12 years of Hvac experience, 10 years of dangerous tree removal, and 10 years of residential and commercial remodels and make readys. He is a third generation Texan with lots of family and connections in Houston. He took over 2 years ago as 1/3rd owner of Spirit Ridge Studios and has brought much knowledge and attention to details to our job sites and projects.
Dave Richardson Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson is a native Houstonian. His expertise in the office provides an organized workflow for Spirit Ridge's projects and management. Tracking project POs, managing customer accounts, and organizing Spirit Ridge's financial business is helping to ensure Spirit Ridge reaches it's full potential.
Chris Cano Chris Cano

Chris Cano, the newest addition to the Spirit Ridge Team, brings a wealth of knowledge to the company. He has over 20 years of experience on countertop installation in residential and commercial. He has also worked with flooring, tile and stone work for 20 years as well. His attention to detail, dual language mastery, and design experience make him a strong project manager. His ability to think critically helps ensure the smooth execution of large and small projects.